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Well, I have deleted my LiveJournal, after nearly 13 years.

I was grateful for a tip that I found on [personal profile] dragonyphoenix's journal: the iniquitous new "User agreement" form can be bypassed by turning off javascript.

(Ways of doing that: turn it off temporarily in the browser, or use the NoScript add-on and forbid livejournal.com to run programs.)

Fortunately I imported my LJ account to Dreamwidth around the start of this year, when there was a lot of concern expressed about LiveJournal's having been moved on to servers in Russia. So I didn't have to worry about that bit. (I set up my Dreamwidth account years ago, but until then I had never got around to importing my old posts.)

Before I deleted my account, I manually deleted as much of the data on it as possible. I was irritated to find that there was apparently no way to delete each post individually without enabling javascript, so I had to give up on that.

I don't think that click-wrap agreement can carry much, if any, weight in respect of an account that is promptly deleted, but all the same I didn't wish to give it my assent.

I downloaded all my userpics (I know I must have them saved on my hard disc somewhere, but damned if I know where, at this point) and deleted them from LJ. That can be done directly from this page or via a link on the settings page.

I saved the text on my LJ profile page so that I have a record. Then I deleted my bio and interests, which can be done from this page.

I deleted all my LJ mail.

I went to the log-in page and unticked "Remember me" and saved it.

Finally I went to the account status page and deactivated the account. I ticked the boxes for deleting comments and community entries.

I declined to tick any of the boxes on the "why are you deleting?" questionnaire that was presented immediated afterwards. Damned if I owe Sup Media an explanation. They must know perfectly well why so many people are deleting their accounts right now.
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