April 6th, 2017

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Initially I assumed that the new LJ ToS were being applied only to free accounts. It is clear now that I was misled by some of the wording in the ToS (and I think I wasn't the only person to end up confused on that point).

[personal profile] rosefox, who has a permanent LJ account, contacted LJ staff over this. She has posted the reply she received on her Dreamwidth journal.

The key part is this: "According to User Agreement, user unconditionally accepts the Agreement in its entirety just by using LiveJournal, regardless of any packages bought for account."

So there it is laid out for us: regardless of the kind of account you have, if you continue to use LJ, the new User Agreement will be applied.

This means:

* Sup Media can send you third-party spam via your LiveJournal email account [ToS 12.5]

* They can profile you to send you targeted ads [ToS 5.1]

* They can sell your profile data to third parties [ToS 5.1]

* You must not post " political solicitation materials" (a term that is not defined) without making a separate agreement with LJ. Sure, this is no doubt aimed primarily at Russian bloggers on LJ, but that doesn't mean they will not use it against Westerners if it suits them. If they deem you to have broken that rule, then they can terminate your access to your account or delete it. [ToS 9.2.7]

* You must "mark content" that "Russian legislation" deems "inappropriate for children" (that is, persons under 18) as "adult material". Again, if Sup Media deem you to have broken that rule, then your access to your account may be terminated or your account may be deleted. [ToS 9.1.3]

Note:applicable Russian law prohibits "denying family values", "promotion of non-traditional sexual relations ... [and] the social equivalence of traditional and non-traditional sexual relations", etc, etc.

* If another user posts a comment in your journal that infringes the rules about "political solicitation materials" or content deemed "inappropriate for children", you will be "jointly and severally liable in respect of such comments". (That will teach you to keep bad company.) [ToS 7.5]

* Sup Media can "modify, shorten and amend" your content, "add images, a preamble, comments or any clarifications" to it, and even use it anonymously, in "editorial projects" - a term that is not defined - delivered via the LJ service. [ToS 9.1.2]